We create avatars that listen and talk with you

Our virtual assistants have a heart and a sense of humor. And in some cases, teal nail polish.

The team at Geppetto Avatars believes that the virtual character on the other end of your conversation should be someone you trust, and someone who listens to you. Sophie, the first intelligent agent created by Geppetto Avatars, is all of that – and much more.

The technology is groundbreaking. The result is life changing.

We solve our customers’ most vexing problems through the only integrated platform of its kind. Our avatars help people learn, discover information about themselves, manage their health, and have fun while doing so.

Whenever, wherever … you’ll find our avatars to be helpful, easy to talk to, and fun. And there are no strings attached.

Who we do it for

We work with organizations that are looking to communicate with their customers in a more useful, productive, and humane manner.

You’ll find our intelligent agents providing support for family caregivers, helping kids manage their asthma, even teaching you to play guitar. Our characters are eager to be a critical link in the care and treatment of chronic diseases, and much more.


How we’re different

Our avatars are emotionally intelligent. They’re there to lend an ear and offer individual guidance.

We’re the only integrated platform in the industry that combines 3D animation, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, sound and image analysis to provide avatars capable of listening, having contextual conversations and responding with gestures….and always with a heart.

What’s more, our capture and analysis of semantic data as well as facial expressions, gestures and vocal tone, increases the value of each avatar through the interactions they foster.


Meet Sophie

Our avatar platform delivers compassionate, individualized care with patience, humor, and, without an appointment.

Meet Sophie: She’s honest, reliable, friendly and patient. You’ll find that she’s looking out for you – she’s someone you can trust to help you navigate your health care needs.

When Sophie asks how you’re doing today – she really means it. So go ahead, tell her your aches and pains. Not only will she listen – she will make things better.

The delivery of health care changes today

By making Geppetto Avatars a part of your care team, both patient and providers gain access to better information to make better decisions.

As we gather outcomes and evidence through basic health status assessments, our ability to aid in diagnosis, care management, treatment and intervention grows.

Our corporate fact sheet is available here.

Cost saving

Avatars serve as complementary workers for skilled employees who are in short supply. And shifting health care to the home helps cut costs.


Always available, even in the middle of the night, avatars like Sophie provide companionship, reminders to take medication, and can answer routine questions.

Extends value chain

Geppetto Avatars extend the value chain for our pharma and health plan clients who are looking to add value to their offerings.

Competitive differentiator

With an avatar, you offer something your competitors can’t – a platform that emphasizes patient-provider engagement, strengthens patient relationships and improves adherence.

Sophie in action

Health care providers can gather loads of data about a patient thanks to these protected and private conversations. By measuring patient expressions through natural language processing and analysis of facial expressions, physicians may gain important diagnostic insights. In this video, Sophie and David discuss his asthma.

Patients interact in real time with a virtual assistant collecting patient information and providing health care advice related to prescriptions, symptoms, and sentiment. In this clip, Sophie helps Laura assess her psoriatic arthritis symptoms.

Management team

Our team is as passionate as we are experienced.   We have the best minds in sociology, psychology, anthropology, health care, business, user experience and natural language processing working to develop empathetic, unique avatars with personalities as big as their brains – and their hearts.

Our executive team hails from every corner of the globe and represents a wide range of disciplines.

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Advisory board

Geppetto Avatars’ advisory board consists of the top tech, medical and other talent around the globe. We are pleased to have these passionate, dedicated experts advising us.


Geppetto Avatars is proud to partner with industry leaders to develop intelligent agents that shift the landscape of health care, technology, and how we communicate with each other please contact us.

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